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Welcome to a resourceful corner dedicated to lab manuals aligned with the VTU syllabus. These lab manuals have been meticulously crafted to complement your academic journey, providing hands-on guidance through various experiments and exercises. What sets these lab manuals apart is their commitment to Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). Each manual is designed, developed, and shared with the ethos of open collaboration and accessibility. Embracing FOSS ensures that students, educators, and curious minds can freely engage with the content, fostering a community of learning without barriers. All these manuals have been designed using FOSS tools and technologies.

Whether you are a student navigating the intricacies of the first semester or a seasoned learner delving into advanced topics in the higher semester, you’ll find valuable resources here to enhance your understanding and practical skills. Dive into the wealth of knowledge offered by these lab manuals and embark on a journey of discovery and exploration. Feel free to explore the sections dedicated to each semesters, each presenting a curated collection of manuals designed to empower your educational experience.Thank you for being a part of this learning community. Happy exploring!

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First Semester Lab Manuals

Principles of Programming Using C – BPOPS103/203
Introduction to Web Programming –BPLCK105A-205A
Introduction to Python Programming – BPLCK105B/205B
Basics of JAVA Programming – BPLCK105C-205C
Introduction to C++ Programming – BPLCK105D-205D
Introduction to C Programming –BESCK104E/204E
Mathematics-I for Computer Science and Engineering stream – BMATS101 

Second Semester Lab Manuals

Mathematics-II for Computer Science and Engineering stream – BMATS201 

Third Semester Lab Manuals

Data Structures Laboratory – BCSL305
Object Oriented Programming with JAVA – BCSL306A
Data Visualization with Python – BCS358D

Fourth Semester Lab Manuals

Analysis & Design of Algorithms Lab Manual – BCDL404
Database Management System Lab Component – BCS403
Technical Writing using LaTeX – BCM456D
Artificial Intelligence Lab Component – BAD402
MongoDB Lab Manual – BDS456B
Python Programming Laboratory – 21CSL46
Design & Analysis of Algorithms Lab Manual – 21CS42 (OLD SCHEME)

Fifth Semester Lab Manuals

C# Programming Lab Manual – (21CSL582/ 21CBL584)
Angular JS Lab– (21CSL581/ 21CBL583)

Sixth Semester Lab Manuals


Seventh Semester Lab Manuals

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