Visvesvaraya Technological University has recently unveiled an updated academic syllabus tailored for first-year students. This exciting curriculum revamp introduces a diverse range of programming language courses. In addition to the traditional offering of C programming, students now have the opportunity to explore Python, Java, C++, and Web Programming. These courses are thoughtfully designed to include an integrated lab component, recognizing the significance of hands-on experience in enhancing programming skills. By immersing themselves in practical exercises, students can cultivate a deeper understanding of the subject matter and sharpen their programming prowess.

With the utmost dedication to students and the academic community, I am delighted to announce the publication of comprehensive lab manuals. These manuals provide detailed solutions for the lab exercises in the aforementioned subjects. One crucial aspect to highlight is that all the solutions and tools utilized are built on the principles of Free and Open Source Software. This ensures that every learner can seamlessly establish the required software infrastructure without encountering any obstacles, thereby promoting a more effective learning experience.

In addition to the solutions, these manuals also encompass vital information on setting up the necessary tools. Furthermore, each program solution is accompanied by sample outputs, serving as invaluable references for students. By combining practical solutions, detailed setup instructions, and illustrative samples, these manuals aim to facilitate a well-rounded and enriching learning journey for all learners.

We are thrilled to present each manual as an individual blog post, providing convenient access for navigation and download. To access a specific manual, simply click on the corresponding link below:

Link to Lab Manuals

BPOPS103/203 Principles of Programming Using C
BPLCK105A-205A Introduction to Web Programming
BPLCK105B/205B Introduction to Python Programming
BPLCK105C-205C Basics of JAVA programming
BPLCK105D-205D Introduction to C++ Programming
BESCK104E/204E Introduction to C Programming
BMATS101 Mathematics-I for Computer Science and Engineering stream

Each blog post serves as a gateway to explore and acquire the desired manual, ensuring effortless accessibility for all. Feel free to click on the provided links to navigate to the desired manual and download it for your reference and learning convenience.

Prabodh C P is a faculty in the Dept of CSE SIT, Tumkur and also currently a Research Scholar pursuing PhD in IIT Hyderabad. He conducts online classes for C, C++, Python. For more info call +919392302100


  1. Hi sir Found a really good programming manual. And noted that it will be used for non-commercial purposes. sure sir it will be used for the same.

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